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We are surveillance specialists. Utilizing state of the art equipment, we will perform discreet, professional surveillance on your subject. You will receive verbal updates, professional written reports, photographs and video confirming your subject’s activities.

Our investigators use high quality photographic and video equipment, including covert cameras hidden on their person or in ordinary objects.

Many investigative companies (even large national companies) hire inexperienced people to perform surveillance. They do this to make a larger profit on your money. The person you speak to on the phone may be an experienced investigator, but who will they send to do YOUR surveillance?

Liberty Investigative Services will never send an inexperienced investigator to work your case. All of our investigators are seasoned professionals that are experienced at conducting surveillance. There is a vast difference in surveillance results when the surveillance is conducted by professional operatives that are specialists in the field. 


Child Custody Investigations

What happens when you drop your child off at your ex spouse’s house? Or conversely, how well is your child being taken care of by your ex spouse (if they have custody)? Is your ex drinking when they have custody? Are they doing drugs? Do they always secure your child in a car seat when they drive? Are they exposing your child to inappropriate or dangerous people? These are things that you need to know when they have custody of your child, even if it’s only for a weekend. We can document these things on video, and testify in court on your behalf.

Call us if you have specific needs. 


Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Investigations

These types of investigations are conducted for insurance companies, attorneys, business owners and individuals. If you or your company are being sued for a personal injury such as a “slip and fall” or an accident on your property, or any other type of injury, then this is the type of investigation that will help minimize (or sometimes eliminate) your financial liability.

As stated above, we are surveillance specialists. Our investigators are experienced and professional. We will provide crisp clear video of the claimant’s activities. Our video is “close up” and the claimant is easily identified. You will receive surveillance updates via email or telephone, followed by professionally written reports and copies of the surveillance video. Our investigators will show the video in court, and will provide testimony to the court. We are professionals, from the surveillance to the courtroom.

We are set apart from other investigative companies by our passion for surveillance, and it shows in the results we get. 


Background Investigations

Background investigations vary, depending on the depth and purpose of the investigation. Some of the common areas covered in background investigations are criminal history, bankruptcy, property searches, civil actions, professional licenses, employment, education, businesses owned, ect. What do you want to know?

Beware of advertisements for sweeping, national background checks at low costs. Call us and we will explain the sometimes confusing areas of a background investigation. The internet is a wonderful entity, but it takes multiple proprietary sources, as well as physical searches at various locations, to find some things required for a background investigation. Our proprietary sources are not available to the public. 


Skip Trace / Locates 

LIS is experienced at finding missing persons, skips, witnesses, long lost loves and all types of persons. We often find people in record time, even when other investigative companies have failed. 


Stalkers and Property Vandalism

If you are a target of a stalker, or a person is harassing you through vandalism, then we can help. We can gather evidence of what the person is doing, and present it to law enforcement officials for prosecution. This usually involves a stake out at a location where the activity is taking place. We identify who the subject is and what they do. We will also testify in court on your behalf.

Stalking is a very serious issue. If you are being stalked then you are in danger and must take immediate action. See our web page on “Stalking Information and Help” for more information. 

General Investigations

Public record searches. Statement taking. Nanny cams. Service of process. Call us if you have specific needs.

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