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Signs of Infidelity
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When you need to know the truth.....

Infidelity is a complex issue. There are several types of infidelity, and not all types involve physical contact. However, all occurrences of infidelity are extremely harmful to a relationship.

The signs of infidelity are signs, not proof. Seeing indications of infidelity in your spouse is extremely stressful, draining and heart breaking, but they are not conclusive. This is when you need to know the truth.

Knowing IS the beginning of healing.

There have been times where our clients have found signs of possible infidelity and our investigation indicated that no infidelity was taking place. A ‘mid life crises’ often produces signs like changes in appearance and suddenly embarking on an exercise program, without infidelity taking place. Other problems within a relationship can cause a spouse to pull away and become more distant, without infidelity being involved.

Shown below are some indications of possible infidelity

1. They start wearing a different style of clothes; a change of appearance.

2. Starting arguments. Many people who are cheating in a relationship will argue or complain more about their spouse in an effort to justify their behavior. Some people react in the opposite way and become very passive.

3. They are working longer or different hours; Changes in time spent at work, or away from the family.

4. Their clothing smells of perfume or cologne.

5. They are taking more showers than usual.

6. They have more interest in your schedule, when and where you will be.

7. They take more “business trips” than usual.

8. They become secretive or defensive about phone calls and emails.

9. They frequently step outside or into another room to accept phone calls.

10. They Hide credit card charges and cash withdrawals.

11. They pull away from church and extended family.

12. There is a noticeable change in your sex life.

13. Your intuition tells you something is going on. Don't ignore your gut feelings.

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