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Caveat emptor, buyer beware

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Caveat emptor, buyer beware
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Caveat emptor – "Let the buyer beware". Do you really know who you are hiring?

Many investigative companies (including large national companies) hire inexperienced people to perform surveillance. They pay these people low wages to get more profit from your money.

Surveillance is an art form that is very difficult to do successfully. A surveillance investigator must follow someone and document their activities, without being noticed by the person being followed. The two biggest problems encountered while conducting a surveillance are being “burned” (i.e. having the subject become aware of the surveillance) and losing the subject when the subject goes mobile. This is like walking a tightrope – if the investigator follows the subject too closely, the subject will notice him, and if the investigator follows the subject from too far away, they will lose the subject in traffic.

A successful surveillance is when the investigator follows the subject, documents their activity, maintains visual contact with the subject throughout the surveillanceand the subject is completely unaware of the investigator’s presence This can be difficult, even for a professional, depending on the circumstances.

Even when conducted by professional investigators, a successful surveillance can be extremely difficult, depending on the subject, traffic conditions, how the subject drives, the location of the surveillance, and many other factors. This is why we sometimes recommend having a team of two (or more) investigators work a difficult surveillance.

A seasoned, experienced investigator is far more likely to be successful with your surveillance. This is probably obvious to you, and we are sure that you want a professional investigator to handle your case.

 Do you want an experienced professional to handle your case, or do you want to have an inexperienced person (working for $11.00 per hour ) work your case? When you hire an investigative company, how do you know the investigator that is actually doing your surveillance is an experienced professional? Why should you pay between $65.00 and $90.00 per hour for your surveillance (average rates charged by investigative companies) and not get a professional investigator to do the surveillance?

Don’t believe investigative companies hire inexperienced novices to do their surveillance work? Shown below is an actual advertisement for employment for a national investigative company. This advertisement was placed on May 15, 2008. Starting wages listed are $11.00 per hour. For comparison, starting wages flipping burgers at In & Out Burger start at $10.00 per hour (same date). Do you think you will get the results you want from your case if one of these employees handles your surveillance?

Field Investigator Trainee (Los Angeles)

Reply to: see below

Date: 2008-05-15, 1:45PM

Private investigating firm seeks Field Investigator to work under general supervision, investigating suspicious workers compensation claims from various corporate clients. Duties including but not limited to: monitoring and videotaping various individuals as they conduct their normal day-to-day activities.

Company pays half towards a health plan of your choice, 401K plan after 6 months of service with our company matching and vested at day 1, competitive vacation/holiday/sick policy, and tuition reimbursement.

Location: Los Angeles

Compensation: $11.00/hr. (Pay is from the minute you leave your home to the minute you get back (overtime/doubletime). $38,000 to $40,000

Do you want the person hired by this advertisement to handle your case?

Liberty Investigative Services pledges to you that you will always have a seasoned, professional investigator working on your case.

There have been many cases where we have received requests to "clean up" a surveillance that has gone bad. In these instances another investigative company was hired to conduct surveillance and the results were less than satisfactory. Liberty Investigative Services was then hired to conduct a professional surveillance on the same subject. In these instances, our results have always been better than the original investigative company, even though the subject had become aware of surveillance efforts (which makes the surveillance much more difficult to do successfully).

How much better would it have been if the client had hired Liberty Investigative Services first? Make sure that you hire a professional company to conduct your investigation, and that the investigator doing the work (on site) is an experienced professional. 

Caveat emptor -  Let the buyer beware.

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